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Fall Conference 2023 Sponsorships

Industry experts will be discussing issues which affect us daily, such as Leading-Edge Technology, Affordable Housing and Non-Construction Related Costs.  Ben Young, President and CEO of Southwest Properties will begin the day as our keynote speaker.  We will hear from BMO economist Robert Kavcic, Nova Scotia Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister John Lohr and HRM’s CAO, Cathie O’Toole.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Keynote Speaker Sponsor - $2500                        Lanyard Sponsor - $2500                                       Southwest Properties                                                IPEX by Aliaxis                         

Leading Edge Panel Sponsor - $1500                    Reception Sponsor - $1500
      Province of Nova Scotia                                           Chicago Title

Affordable Housing Panel Sponsor - $1500           Business Card Draw Sponsor - $1000
       Dexter Construction

Non-Construction-Related Costs on Housing          Wi-Fi  Sponsor - $2000
Panel Sponsor - $1500

Breakfast Sponsor - $2000                                         Lunch Sponsor - $2000
              Efficiency One                                                            ZZAP

Coffee Break Sponsor - $500                                      Coffee Break Sponsor - $500                                     KWR Approvals                                                            AirSys


Title Sponsor

KWR Approvals
Quality Concrete
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