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UDI's Request for RDC Payment Deferral

UDI was notified by the NSUARB of a submission from Halifax Water regarding the following:

The Urban Development Institute of Nova Scotia requested Halifax Water consider deferral of payment of RDCs from the permit application date to the service activation date. Deferring the payment of RDCs to the service activation date will reduce the cost to the future homeowner and align with the request from a key stakeholder.

What this means is that, if successful, fees related to RDC’s will not be collected up front. Fees will be collected at the time when water meters are installed. This could result lower carrying costs and less financial pressures on those whoa re building.


M11159 - Hearing Order NSUARB Halifax Water Application
Download PDF • 48KB

RDC - Proposed Collection Timing NSUARB Submission
Download PDF • 416KB

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