With approximately 100 members, we are the largest organization representing the development community in Nova Scotia. We actively liaise with all levels of government on various issues and legislation which impact our members. In fact, UDI has representation on seven HRM Committees and one Provincial Committee. The membership includes Developers, Municipal Officials, Industry Suppliers, Construction Firms, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Designers, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Banks, and Real Estate Agents.


June 24th UDI Press Release on RP+5

UDI of Nova Scotia has issued a Press Release cautiously supporting adoption of the RP+5 Regional Development Plan. To view the full document please click below:

UDI June 24th Press Release on RP+5


Industry Wins at UARB Appeal

Armco Capital has successfully appealed two decisions by HRM in recent months. Below are the complete decisions from UARB.

Twin Brooks Expropriation UARB Decision

Decision - Armco Capital Inc.


UDI Response to RP+5 Review - Draft 3 Update

Recently UDI prepared a letter to HRM outlining our concerns with the Third Draft of the Regional Plan Review (RP+5). A copy of the letter can be found below:

UDI Draft 3 RP+5 Response

In July UDI prepared a document outlining our comments and concerns relating to the five-year review of Draft 2 of the Regional Plan (RP+5). The complete document as well as a one-page summary can be accessed from the links below:

UDI Full Response to RP+5
UDI RP+5 Response Summary

Will Dunning Report

Recently, UDI commissioned a report by Will Dunning Inc. on the impact of government imposed charges in HRM. The report (link below) shows that government imposed charges, including but not limited to the proposed RDC, could skyrocket to $25,000 per door in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) driving the cost of home ownership out of reach for many in HRM. 

Will Dunning Report

UDI of Nova Scotia's Position on Halifax Water's Proposed RDC for Waste Water Services

The Urban Development Institute of Nova Scotia, along with other industry stakeholders, has attended a number of meetings with HRWC regarding the proposed RDC and the impact it will have on the housing and development industry in Nova Scotia. UDI has raised a number of concerns regarding the RDC as it is currently proposed and has submitted a letter outlining these concerns to HRWC. For a copy of the letter please click here.

UDI of Nova Scotia releases Economic Impact Study

The Urban Development Institute of Nova Scotia (UDI) engaged the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC) to provide an Economic and Fiscal Impact Study of Private Development Construction in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and Nova Scotia for the years 2006 through 2010. We are now pleased to release the findings of the study.

Read the full Economic Impact Study


November 2011 Response to the First Contract Arbitration (FCA) Discussion Paper

The Urban Development Institute (UDI) of Nova Scotia have joined the Employers’ Coalition to provide comment on the recently released First Contract Arbitration (FCA) discussion paper and provide some suggestions for constructive areas of engagement for the Labour Management Review Committee (LMRC).

For a copy of the letter to the LMRC prepared by UDI of Nova Scotia please click here.


Comment on letters or publications should be directed to the Board of Directors via the UDI office at (902) 442-5017, or by email to udi@udins.ca , or by fax to (902) 431-7220.